We give a monthly $1,000 micro-grant to a journalism project that commits a crazy, brilliant, positive act of journalism in the public interest. 

This Awesome Journalismgrant is available to anyone, anywhere, in any medium.

Past Awesome JournalismGrants

A Picture from Life’s Other Side

The Shaking Inside: Post-Earthquake Nepal

Local Standrd

Training WAFR Journalists on Digital Security

We have a few simple rules:

  • The idea or project must commit an act of public interest journalism.
  • The project must be attainable and completed quickly, usually within 3-6 months of the grant.
  • The grant money cannot be used for routine personal expenses or operating expenses for an established organization.
  • The project must uphold the Fourth Estate’s principles, standards and practices of Truth, Transparency and Community.
  • You agree that the results of the project must be shareable/published online under a free license, or otherwise be open and made freely and widely available.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone is eligible for a grant — individuals, groups, and organizations alike.  You do not need to be a working journalist.

Just click the big white “Apply For a Grant” button near the top of the page, or you can click here.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

The definition of “awesome” is intentionally left vague and up to the imagination. It could mean making someone stop and think, or spreading information or something else — think social good, an informed society, and beyond!

The only way to find out for sure is to apply — it doesn’t take long!

Still, some types of projects are generally not supported — typically ones that are personal and limited in their impact, and existing projects  or efforts that would not see significant incremental benefit from a small grant.

We review applications and decide on the recipient monthly.

If you haven’t heard anything from us in 3-4 month then your project was not selected.  We consider applications from previous months, so there’s no need to apply again unless your idea has changed.

No.   The grants are small and intended for small journalism projects.

No.   Membership is not required or a condition of a grant award, but we do hope that you do consider becoming a member.

This is not a loan or an investment from the Fourth Estate. This is a grant and we do not claim any ownership or future claims on your idea, and we don’t want the funds repaid – ever.

The grant has no strings attached (other than doing something awesome and making it freely and widely available).

Awesome!   We’re actively looking for organizations to join us and people to start local chapters!

Trustees each contribute ttoward the $1,000 no-strings-attached grant, and they alone decide by consensus who will receive the grant. Sound awesome? contact us! 

We gratefully acknowledge the Awesome Foundation as the source of inspiration for Awesome Journalism.